If only
by Goldfinger
Oliver Bonin <guitar-skate@usa.net>
intro :
fill #1 :  2 times                                       later in the song :       fill #2
e-|-----------------------------|                                                  |---------------|
B-|-----------------------------|                                                  |---------------|        
G-|-----------------------------|                                                  |---------------|
D-|----2-3-2---2-3-3-2----------|                                                  |----2-3-2------|      
A-|--3-------0------------0-----|                                                  |--3-------3----|
E-|-----------------------------|                                                  |---------------|      
Cm                   Dm
if only I was taller
if i had a million dollars
maybe then you'd be with me
Cm                        Dm
if only i was eighteen
and had the courage of the a-team
maybe then you'd be with me
A    G    F                             G
but for now i'll have to dream
                        C       B        
about your smile 'cause you're not
 A             G       F             G       
here and all i want to say is
                                          fill #2
that i really miss you        
C                                   D
if i could surf a little better
if i had sumner's sweater
F/G      F/G             F/G                fill #2     
maybe then you'd be with me
C                               D
if only i had more time
if i had mike ness' hairline
F/G     F/G                F/G               fill #2
then you'd want to be with me
Bridge :A#, D, E#ii, Eii, D, C, A#, D          e -|--3—2--|  a bunch of times
G                             E
if only you weren't so fine
G                            E
if only i wasn't so blind
i'd find a way
to make you stay
D|-----7--5---3---2--|   E, D#,D,D#,D,E          Repeat that some beats      end with :D#,D,C,B,C
then maybe i'd see you
if i woke up
with all these things
would it even change your feelings
none of that is even me
B      A    G           
but for now i'll have to
A                      D
wait another week
C#          B                    A          G                 
to see your face and all i want to
say is that i really miss you
The chords of that songs are Ska beats(just some times)So choose how to play these chords.
Have a lot of fun ! ! ! !
comments,questions,corrections,whatever ! !