It Isn't Just Me
by Goldfinger
   this is the first hidden song on the hang ups cd.
It starts at 5:07
By:David Watson(
  chords used in the song
     e   a    d     g2     f    g      b     a2    E2     A2    G1
  E            A
 it isn't just me
  D                G
 that wants to be here by your side and i know
  E            A
 it isn't just me
  D                G
 that wants to be next to your side and i know
  F               E
 i only want to hold you
 is that asking way too much
  F               E
 i only want to feel you
  E             A
 you're so far away
  D              G
 i guess i'll believe that you care and i think
  E                  A
 that things that you said
  D             G
 keep running around in my head and i know
  F              E
 i only want to trust you
 you lied to me before
 i don't know if i can trust you
 in time, i'll know for sure
  A        G                     D              A
 it's only been three days since i have seen your face
  A                 G
 i don't think i can wait three more
  D                  A
 i know that i can't wait
 i just wanna hear the words
     A2       F
 you say you need me too
ending of the song is E2, A2, D, and G2 with piccolo playing assorted lead----