Ok the long awaited attempt a trombone parts are here. These are trombone positions. If a
horn player can now figure this out and then translate it into a more general form, that would
be great. Here's the rub:

Pete wrote up this cheat sheet while he was learning the parts.
He now tells me that there are lots of mistakes.
On top of that I'm trying to read his VERY sweaty old piece of paper.
Which is written in a notation I don't understand
Which includes symbols I can't quite make out
Which can not be accurately reproduced in HTML

So here's 4 songs. If you play Tbone, let me know if this makes ANY sense at all.
Conventions I've used

the numbers are separated by either a dot or a dash. I think. It may turn out there is no
difference, it just inconsistent handwritting.
Dashes = '-'
Dots = '*'
numbers that were underlined are underlined (see My Very Own Flag)
There was one equals sign (Johnny Quest), it may mean something or it may just be
more bad handwritting.
Up arrow = '^'
Down arrow = 'v'
And some positions (mainly 1s) had what looked like the southwest quarter of a circle.
This is represented by a `.

Sugar In Your Gastank




Johnny Quest


My Very Own Flag